Acropolis Casino

LANGUAGES:             English only
TYPE OF PLAY:          Download, very realistic
OWNERSHIP:             Boss Casinos LTD
LOCATION:              Dominican Republic
SUPPORT LOCATION:      London England
PAYMENT METHOD:        direct  via Credit Card, Cashier's Check, Bank Draft,
Wire Transfer, AMEX CASINO HOURS: 24/7 GAMES OFFERED: video poker, blackjack, roulette STAKES: $5 minimum - $100 maximum (Blackjack) $2.50/hand (Video Poker) Higher limits available based on play MINIMUM ACCOUNT: $50 limit of $5,000 over 30 days US RESIDENTS: accepted
Reviewed by

SUMMARY: Good response from the server, action is fast. A Strauss waltz plays in the background as you play. It does get annoying after a while. One method of deposit per account number. Multiple accounts allowed. This ensures that winnings go back to where they came from. Cashouts are processed every Monday. This is the only on-line casino I've seen that offers two hand play at Blackjack. The game is a six deck shoe that is reshuffled 1/3 into the shoe. The Only problem is that they don't tell you the shoe has been reshuffled until after you place your bet. (Oh well, I gusee you can't have everything). Though low on variety (only three games offered), this should appeal to the hard core blackjack or roulette player. Video Poker is offered as a distraction. If you want to gamble, are a blackjack player, want a place that will give you an even chance, this is your place. In all of my dealings to date with them, this appears to be a very professionally run organization.

EDITOR's NOTE- The software alone is worth a visit to the site. Download it and sharpen your blackjack skills for FREE at your desktop.

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Updated: February 25, 1998