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Vegas Comps
Great reader driven page on the latest comps, freebies and Las Vegas deals. Check out the recent reports of other gamblers before you go.

Miss Craps Guide to Comps
One of the BEST articles on comps, Miss Craps covers ALL the angles, MUST READ

Comp Info
Comps information, rates casinos

Casino Comp Policies
Excellent rating of casinos. Check it out before you go.

Room Deals
Rates the slot clubs according to benefits.

Las Vegas Hack Drivers Hall of Fame
Best deals in town, according to the cabbies

Las Vegas Deals
THE best deals in town, you MUST check this site out before you go to Vegas

Las Vegas Hack Attack
Another MUST Vegas guide, the inside story on Vegas

Vegas Casino Comps page
Tips on how comps work. They also offer their own vip card

Join ALL the Slot Clubs
This article is a primer on slots clubs, how to join and what are the benefits.

Leasing Las Vegas
Excellent article on some inexpensive rooms and deals. Worth reading.

Las Vegas Deals
Check this page out for inexpensive room deals

Another good article on comps.

Casino Comps
If you are really serious, buy the book

Comp City
If you are REALLY SERIOUS about comps, check out this book.

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