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Football Insider--

Really one of the best information sources for the football bettor. Deep analysis of every team, coach, and player. A must see FREE site for the football bettor.


Another excellent source of inside information. Stories and analysis of all the teams, excellent source for the bettor.

Silly Sports Football News--

Silly name, super site, lots of excellent articles.

Jim Feist's National Sports Service--

Wire service heavily slanted towards the football bettor.

Total Sports--

Excellent and extensive coverage of every game and every team from training camp to Super Bowl.

USA Today--

Latest football news. Very good coverage.

Fox Sports--

A top football site. Great coverage, stats, results, all FREE. This growing media giant is setting the standard for internet sports coverage.

Sportsfan Online

Very good stats site. All the stats, no nonsense.


Two Time-Warner units combine on this megasite. Very deep coverage. Lots of background coverage.

The Sporting News--

One time fan's bible provides excellent internet football coverage. Wide and deep.

ESPN Sportszone--

Extensive site, good updates BUT much of their insider stuff is by subscription only.

CBS Sportsline--

A large site with lots of information. Some paid services. This site is somewhat stodgy, like the parent network.

Net Sport Magazine--

For pay football sports magazine.

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