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Entries and results from EVERY MAJOR track in the nation via the Washington Post

Racing news from around the world via News Index


United Free Handicappers--FREE (my favourite price) national tip sheet, loads fast, updated daily, definitely worth a look

Chicago Thoroughbred Survey--Really good handicapping site, centered around the Chicago thoroughbred scene

HHLou's Bloodstock and Handicapping Survey--Lots of information, based in Louisville

ITS Data--Lots of free information on racing, part of a larger site

Martin Dermer's Racing Digest--Experienced, successful handicapper. Worth a look.

Post Time Action--Extensive handicapping site. Free picks at various tracks.

Professional Handicappers Association--Lots of free stuff, email picks.

Thoroughbred Sports Network--Good looking handicapping site. Free handicapping software.

Thoroughbred Handicapping for Saratorga--Uncle Jerry and the Doctor give you the Saratoga run down.

Thoroughbred Research Center--slick looking site.

Blookstock Research Information Bureau--extensive site "for pay"

Thoroughbread Horseracing Network--handicappers

National Racing Report--excellent handicapping site

Handicappers Daily Racing Form--handicappers piggybacking on brand name, online twice daily

Cyber Horse Handicapping--extensive handicapping site


American Turf Monthy--Extensive publication site. You could spend hours on the content here.

The Bloodhorse--extensive site on breeding

Throughbred Times Online--good horse site, lots of links

Jockey Club Information Systems Daily Dispatch--daily racing coverage

CBS Sportsline--extensive racing coverage

The Daily Racing Form--online edition of players bible, great site

Washington Post Horseracing Coverage--great site, extensive coverage, one of the best


Breeder's Cup--Site devoted to the Championship race series

Bloodstock Research Information Services--Very extensive site, lots of content, some free software

Equibase Corporation--great site for horseplayers, lots of info, links, etc. a treasurehouse

The Jockey Club--official site

The Mining Company--lots of racing links, very well maintained site

Horse Previews Magazine--Uploaded monthly, all breeds magazine

New York Racing Association--NYRA official site

Agricomm Thoroughbred PageEclectic mix of content, based in Central Kentucky

Thoroughbred Pedigree PageInteresting site with pedigree ratings

US Trotting Association--great official site, extensive, lots of information and links

Horsesales Inc.--Interesting site concerned with thoroughbred sales


Thoroughbred Sports Network--Offers five free handicapping programs. They look very interesting. Charge for database

Handicapper--enter Daily Racing Form data, parse out the field, download-FREE TRIAL

A Day at the Races--simulated horseracing game, download--FREE


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