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Kyl Bill

Washinton Post--Excellent overview of the issues at hand. Past articles, links to legislation.

Sports Book Indictments

FBI Statement-March 26

Reference Papers

Boston Consulting: "Gambling on the Internet (very extensive)"

Anthony Cabot: "Gambling on the Internet (very extensive)"

University of Miami Law School: "Is Internet Gambling Illegal?"

FMEW&G;: Horseracing and the Internet"

News and Comments--Links

Internet Gambling, Legal Issues--Dec, 1997 article on legal issues, enforcement, Kyl bill.

Equestrian News: "Internet Gambling Bill Introduced"

Los Angeles Daily News: "Virtual Casinos Test Legal Limits"

Detroit News: "Gaming Firms Consider Web Casinos Sure Bet"

ZDNET: "Net's Biggest Gamble"

Ethos News: "Online gambling causes concern in the U.S."

C-Net: "Net Gambling called Pandora's Box"

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