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July 11, 1998

I'd like to pass on to you some ideas about playing the slots that may save you some money and allow you to enjoy the slots a little more. The next time your at a Casino give this a try; If you're playing nickles or quarters, play a roll and if you get more than your roll back play another one. If you get less than a roll back, move on. For halves and dollars I would try five or ten pulls and if you haven't returned your original investment, move on. It is quite amazing how often a machine will hit in the very first few tries, I have experiened this so often I've become a believer. Just the other day I was playing in Mt. Pleasant Mich. a Native Casino called the Soaring Eagle. I hit the red sevens 5 different times in a span of several hours. Four times on the quarter machines and once on the half dollar machines. These hits not only kept me in the game but allowed me to leave the Casino with my original stake in tact. I believe if you can leave a Casino with your original stake, you are in fact a winner.

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