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July 18, 1998

Those elusive loose slots that everyone is looking for are rarely found because loose slots are somewhat of a myth. After thirty some odd years of playing slots I still am not sure what is meant by "loose" slots. Does a "loose" slot pay out more than it takes in? If this is your definition think about this. Casinos are not built on what they pay out, only on what they take in they don't have loss leaders. When you hear a friend talk about a "loose" slot they encountered they are talking about a slot that was in a "pay cycle" when they played it.

Not so long ago a friend of mine ran into one of these so called "loose slots" she just couldn't stop winning. She played for such a long time that she needed a powder room break and asked her husband and I to play for her while she was away. That machine just kept spitting out the quarter tokens the whole time she was gone. Time finally forced us to leave she was up some $400. We returned to the same machine later that day and watched a gentleman playing quarter token after quarter token and getting nothing in return. We had been on the right side of the pay/take cycle, the man was on the wrong side. Loose slot? I think not.

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