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August 1, 1998

The new Windsor Casino opened with a black tie Gala on Monday July 27th festooned with dignitaries and their well coiffed ladies. Tickets, for the lesser luminaries were 200.00 a pop, I was among neither group. I did, however, escort my lady to the Casino just this morning, thought we'd go early and avoid the crowd. By noon it was loaded.

These eyes have seen casinos the world over and the Windsor Casino would challenge most for sheer elegance and glitz. Facing the Detroit skyline across the Detroit river it is only fitting the Casino should use waterfalls and water fountains in decorative manner. The entrance features a waterfall and a multi fountained water display that is that mirrors in sight the sound of the music that is played periodically.

Enough about the decor, we played for four hours and came out a few hundred dollars ahead. I never expect to make a mortgage payment from Casino proceeds but I do expect to enjoy playing the slots and if I win I consider it a bonus. And I did enjoy the four short hours of testing the Casinos slot machines.

I was lucky on both of my favourite machines, Triple diamonds and blazing sevens. Two triple symbols with three bars got me 270.00 and a Blazing 7's jackpot paid 408.00. To show you how fortunes can change, I put 100.00 in quarters into a blazing seven machine and got zip. Always win and walk.

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