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August 15, 1998

Money management, when playing the slots is a very good idea and each of us has his/her own idea of what that means. There are a number of approaches to money management and perhaps yours is included here.

The most popular is the daily budget which needs no elaboration. Your style of play can also be a money management tool, for example, you can play a roll of coins and depending on the outcome play another roll or move on to another machine. When you get less than a roll back you should consider moving on. Quite often I will play the dollar machines, after three or four spins I move on, this is particularly usefull in the early mornings when there aren't too many people around.

Another approach to money management is the coin counter built into the machine, you can use these to keep track of where you stand at that particular session. Play a roll and read the counter. Never, never play the coins off of the counter unless you are a mathematical wizard you can only guess at where you stand. Make the counter work for you.

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