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August 28, 1998

Hi again from Casino Bill. On Wednesday Aug 26 I visited our local Casino, Casino Windsor, across the river from Detroit Mich. My objective was a little more focused than my Mt Pleasant trip. I took my own advice and played a limited number of spins or a roll of coins before moving on. Coupled with this approach is an element of "luck" and don't let anyone tell you different. I played the Blazing sevens, quarters, and my first roll netted me 300 coins the third roll netted another 300 coins along with a few small 10 and 20 coin hits. I cashed in 150.00 and moved to another Blazing seven machine. Luck was with me once more I hit mixed sevens for 200 quarters and on the second roll hit the blazing sevens for 380.00. While waiting for the attendant to bring my winnings I moved down about four machines and immmediately hit three sevens for 300 more quarters. I received my 380.00 and after a few more spins I cashed in. My net winnings for the sessions was 550.00, going home a winner seemed the prudent thing to do after all there's always another day.

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