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September 5, 1998

No matter what anyone tries to tell you there are no sure fire ways to win consistently at the slots. With the right approach you may make your money last a little longer. With a great deal of luck you may even walk out a winner. Do not be fooled into believing that there is a sure fire method of winning at the slots. It just ain't so. There are ways to make your money last longer, but that all depends on you. We have listed some of the ways you can stretch your gaming dollar.

Now for something a little less serious, Slot Machine techniques.

Slot Machine Techniques can be found in any casino as they are practiced by players who are convinced it makes a difference. There are a few great techniques you can spot by being just a bit observant, here are some of them:

The slow slot pull can only be applied by pulling the handle of the machine. Insert Coins, gently bring handle forward as slowly as possible untill the reels are engaged. You now have two options, one, you can let the handle return on its own or two, you can help it back to it's original position. You may ask does this work? Well it spins the reels.

The end kick with this technique you also pull the handle slowly downward and just before you reach the end of the pull you yank the handle hard and let it go. Does this work? Well it spins the reels.

The slot stroke This player runs a hand across the window that covers the reels, just a gentle stroke. This technique works as well as the other two.

Body english You can use the same technique that some bowlers use after releasing the ball. Body movement from side to side. You never kow what will work when playing the slots. But one thing you can always rely on is that the reels will spin when you pull the handle or press the button.

Talk to the slot machine this will not bring any better results than the rest but maybe it makes you feel better. Of course people passing by will give you a wide berth.

Seriously there are no techniques that will produce winning results. If however you believe that there is such a thing as a right technique then all I can say to you is, GOOD LUCK!

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