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September 5, 1998

The argument about RNG's continues. Random number generators, those little boards in the slot machine that determine the outcome of each spin. I have heard much and read much on the subject of RNG's and have only been able to piece together a number of alternative ways in which these things work.

One school suggests that the outcome is changed each time a coin is inserted, the coin being the activating mechanism that causes the RNG to select an outcome. The other school suggests that only the first coin causes an outcome to be selected. The third school suggests that both methods are used by different slot machine manufacturers. And so it would seem that all three schools are correct.

This being the case, the notion that a jackpot was missed because only one coin was played instead of three would be correct if the RNG selected the outcome on the first coin. Since the outcome was established on the first coin the other two only allowed access to the jackpot. If, however, you were playing a machine that changed outcomes with each coin, jackpot symbols appearing with one coin would not necessarily have appeared with three coins. All of this information is very confusing to me and that is why I just play the slots to have fun. Play for fun and if you win it's a bonus.

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