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Featured Books on Slots, the Internet's Biggest Bookstore

Break the One-Armed Bandits!-- by Frank Scoblete.
One of America's bestselling gaming authors has written the definitive book on slot machines. Players can learn what makes some machines "player-friendly" and other machines "player-deadly" and how to distinguish between them. In the land of the one-armed bandits, this new book is the road map slot players need., the Internet's Biggest Bookstore

Slot Smarts; Winning Strategies at the Slot Machine-- by Claude Halcombe.
This a valuable book for slot players. The author presents several different systems for players including five plans with elaborate instructions for leaving and staying and moving from one to two coins -- he advocates play on two level multipliers like Double Diamonds and Red, White & Blue. Many readers have found it to be well written and extremely helpful in the pursuit of slot profits., the Internet's Biggest Bookstore

The Basics of Winning Slots-- by J. Edward Allen.
Very inexpensive primer on slots., the Internet's Biggest Bookstore

Slot Machine Mania-- by Dwayne Crevelt, Louise Crevelt, Dwight Crevelt.
This book covers everything players need to know about slots, from how to judge percentages and select favorable machines to common misconceptions, cheating methods, and regulations., the Internet's Biggest Bookstore

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