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I started this page in January, 1998 to help online gamblers sort out the good from the bad. Back then there were perhaps 40-50 online casinos and it didn't seem too difficult to rate the online operators.

Since then, however, the industry has exploded. Some operators are presenting up to 40 "front ends" as separate casinos, when in reality they share a common back end server. Some large, publicly traded companies have gone into the casino business and are licensing front ends to individuals or groups of investors. Fly by night operators still infest the industry. Because of the nature of internet gambling, an operator can easily close a casino, scoop all monies on deposit, and reopen a new venue in a minute. The potential for abuse and outright fraud is enormous. However, fear not, there are many legitimate venues in cyberspace where people can gamble and book sports bets with confidence.

As with many other statistics on the internet, no one knows the number of casinos and sportsbooks now operating. As of time of writing I would estimate approximately 200+ casinos, sportsbooks, and full service venues operating on the internet. Hundreds more online casinos are planned. Other sites related to lotteries and bingo swell this list and are outside the scope of this page.

Consequently, I have found it impossible to keep up with, and rate, individual operations. In the interest of clarity and accuracy I am changing the format of this guide. I will be providing ratings only for venues that I can vouch for personally one way or the other. I am reducing the ratings to only two classifications: BEST BETS and NOT RECOMMENDED.

If a gambling venue does not appear on either list it does not mean that it is necessarily good or bad. It just means that I have no personal knowledge of the operation and I cannot either recommend it or denounce it.

For this vast middle ground I have initiated a discussion group. The purpose of this message board is to provide a forum for you, the internet gambler to participate, with your peers, in a free flowing public discussion of internet gambling. Feel free to post your experiences, good and bad, with online gambling. In this way I hope to provide everyone with better information in which to make your gambling decisions. Register here for the discussion board.

One final word. All the casinos on my BEST BETS list are sponsors of my site. As such, I stand ready to help you solve disputes with any venue on my BEST BETS list. I am in day to day contact with the operators of these casinos and sportsbooks. I know the operators and I have personal knowlege of their reputation and their record on paying off winners. I have yet to recieve a legitimate complaint against any of them. I believe you can gamble with confidence at any casino or sportsbook on my BEST BETS list. I will immediately remove a sponsor that defrauds a player or refuses to pay a legitimate winner.

Finally, I have updated the FAQ on internet gambling. Hopefully it will answer most of your questions.

Not Recommended

Special Report

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