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Money Management at the Casino

The best way to keep from spending more than you want to is to know, at all times, where you stand. There are a number of ways you can do this. You can operate on a daily gambling allowance, which is the most common approach. Within this approach there is still the need to know where you stand. When gambling or gaming, if you wish, money no longer has a value as you normaly associate value with money. It becomes increasingly easy to get carried away. This you should gaurd against.

Limit the number of turns spent at a machine without a win. If after 5 to 7 plays you have not had a hit, leave and try another machine. I have seen machines go up to fourty times without a hit. I have done this purposely to learn how long you can play with no hit. On the other hand, if you land a machine that is in a "pay cycle," and no matter what anyone tells you, they do have a pay cycle. I call it a "take cycle" and a "pay cycle." And the "take" cycle is longer than the "pay" cycle. During take cycles you will get the odd small payout but overall they get pretty stingy. See "IF You Are Disciplined" section below for more on "Pay Cycles."

A pay cycle can be quite an experience and gives real meaning to; "know when to hold em and know when to fold em." Play the pay cycle as long as you are getting reasonable hits within 10 or so turns. They cool off as quickly as they get hot.

Hot Machines may be found in Casinos but they are randomly placed for optimum effectiveness. In other words, placed where they can be best seen by potential players. These payoffs make players itchy to play any machine and thereby action is created. Not only are these machines randomly placed, they are periodicaly relocated so as not to allow some smart player to zero in on them for any period of time. The only person that can tell you where they are is the guy that put them there. Other than that it becomes an adventure to find one. Don't waste your entire trip looking for one of these shill machines, just have fun and Good luck.

If you are disciplined you can try this approach. If you get a good hit of 50 plus coins, keep a handful in the tray and scoop the rest into a bucket, there are lots of buckets all around. Each time you get a susequent hit, put one half in the bucket to keep. When you have run out of coins in the tray it usually means the pay cycle is over. Take your winnings and move to another machine. If you play this method you will play longer and have more fun with your money. Even if you use this money management system, you should limit your turns to 10 or 15 withour a hit. You should remember that the more clinical your approach the less likely you are to enjoy yourself.

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