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Slot myths

You've probably seen this one. After playing for a long while the player finally and grudgingly give up on the machine and leaves. In a very short time, another player steps up, slips three coins into the machine and pulls the handle...JACKPOT.....Now if that guy had only played one more time he would have won the jackpot. Not so. RNG's Random Number generaters are always in motion in the modern slot machine and timing is the only thing that determines a payout. Had the original player stayed at the machine he would have had to engage the reels at the precise moment the new player did, a very improbable proposition.
Warm Coins are a sign that the machine is due to pay off soon. Many players believe this to be true, the truth is, it only means that the lights inside the machine have thrown a little heat on the coins and warmed them up. It means nothing more than this.
After putting a lot of money into a machine it just has to pay off. Not necessarily so. Payoffs are not calculated in that manner, they are calculated on a percentage pay out over an indefinite period of time. This means that over time a slot machine will payback whatever percentage it has been set for it has no idea how long you have been playing and whats more it doesn't care.
The higher coin denomination the higher the payout. The percentage pay out does not vary all that much on higher end machines although it is true that nickle machines pay back less than quarter and dollar machines do. A recent survey showed nickle machines paying from a low of 85.2% to a high of 92.8% Quarter machines from a low of 91.1% to a high of 95.2% in downtown Las Vegas. Fifty cent machines from a low of 90.1% to a high of 95.4%, Dollar slots from low of 90.0% to a high of 96.5% and five dollar slots from a low of 91.9% to a high of 97.3% at Lake Tahoe. The spread from quarter machines to five dollar machines, at the high end, is 2.1% hardly significant.
Players should "prime" a machine before beginning serious play. This practise will get you exactly nothing. Machines don't know they are being "primed" and will treat the priming coins the same as any other coins played. This popular myth is just that.
Casinos control the payout from a central location. Perhaps our technology has advanced to where this might be possible but it just isn't the case. There is such a thing as the Casino gaming board which prohibits Casinos from tinkering with their machines. Skeptics will continue to believe what best suits their mind set but this one ain't so.
Casino floor employees can tell you where the "hot" slot machines are located. If they are real astute they may be able to tell you that a certain machine has not paid off for quite a while but that is no gaurantee that it is ready to pay off. When a player does win on this tip it's almost impossible to persuade him that it was pure luck.
Maintenance mechanics will reset your machine if it's winning to make sure it stops winning. Another strange idea held by some slot players. The maintenance mechanics job is to see that the machine is working properly, the pay out schedule is not set by maintenance.
Play the machines near the door and or aisleways. There are a lot of machines taking up this part of any casino and perhaps there is "some" credability to this belief but I wouldn't spend all my time in Vegas, or anywhere else, looking for that elusive "loose" slot.
To play maximum coins or less than maximum coins. Like most questions on slots this has no absolute answer. There are those who believe you should always play maximum coins and those who believe otherwise. My take suggests that it's up to the player, cautious players will play fewer than maximum and aggressive players will always play the maximium. Playing the maximum can run your bankroll down pretty quick but then a good jackpot will bring it up again. My style of play is less than maximum if the payout is the same percentage wise, 3 to 1, 6 to 2, 9 to 3.
Pulling the handle in a certain way will determine the outcome of the spin. Not so. People who practise this technique will win no more or less than those who are more conventional in pulling the handle. Technique had nothing to do with the outcome. You'll save energy if you press the buttons.

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