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The mysterious slot machine, it's secrets are not easily revealed, it's allure and addictiveness captivate us and make us come back for more. Casinos make over 50% of their revenue from slots. We know they can't be beat and yet we continue to feed those coins, press those button and pull those handles. These pages are dedicated to the slot player and designed to bring the best information, the best aspects and the best slot links on the internet to you. We have tried to present it in a user friendly format and hope we have succeeded.

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Lady luck in Iowa


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North Las Vegas


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Aztar Evansville Indiana


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North Las Vegas


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North Las Vegas


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North Las Vegas

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Simple Java slot 3

Welcome to Java slots 7

Atiara Slot Machine 4

Double diamond 10

Game land real slots 8

Casino Royal Magic 10

Virtual slots machine 4

Cybermagic slots 9

Simple Java slot 3

Contest slot 10

Intercasino slots 9

Free games 9

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Starluck Casino

Grand Domincan

Boathouse Casino

Alitalia Casino

El San Juan

Caribbean Island


Pagoda Casino

Planetluck Casino

Parisian Casino


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