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Slotworld brings you strait talk on how the slots work, from jackpots to payout percentages, progressive jackpots, elements of winning slot play, slot touranments, how to play them, and where they are held.
Slot machines are the most popular casino game being played to day. And this site is dedicated to bring you as much of my 30 years of slot playing experience as is possible. Good luck and enjoy. If after reading the tips on this site you don't enjoy slots more than ever before I'll refund your money.

You are about to enter the addictive world of the slot machine, the single most popular game in North America, if not the entire Casino world. We'll take you on a tour of slots like never before. From slot tips to winning slots, From the nickle slots to five dollar slots and beyond. Each aspect of slots is dealt with on a separate site.
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Slot myths The truth behind the myths
Winning slots How to play to win
Slot Tips Tips on things to look for
Jackpot slots What to play what to avoid
Progressive slots Are they a good deal
Slot types How many are there
Slot terms Always with the jargon
Payout percentage The Casinos keep most of it
Loose slots Are there such things
Random number generators How the winners are selected
Slot Tournaments How they work
Slot cards How they work

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